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SideKick Hinged Derail Booster

Busy spur tracks need extra protection.

Hinged Derail with SideKick Derail Booster

1-way Hinged Derail (left throw) with 1-way SideKick Derail Booster (left throw).

When used with a hinged derail, a SideKick increases the likelihood of effective derailing because wheels on both rails will be guided off and into the ballast.

SideKick is installed opposite a hinged derail on the same two ties. Like a hinged derail, SideKick folds down between the rails when not needed.

In operation, the worker first throws the hinged derail onto its rail. He then steps over and flips the SideKick flange onto its rail. Each unit can be padlocked on or off the rail.

SIDEKICK Derail Booster must always be used with a derail. It cannot derail by itself. The image above shows a left-throw hinged derail with Pop-Up sign and a left-throw SideKick on the opposite rail.

Got a couple of minutes? Click To Watch SideKick in action!

One-Way SideKick

#4014-16-L (left throw illustrated)
#4014-16-R (right throw)

$1,291 each

1-way SideKick Derail Booster

1-way Sidekick Derail Booster
Choose direction of throw

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Two-Way SideKick

For freight cars and locomotives. Derail is supplied with high-rise operating stand, connecting rod and blue derail sign.

$1,296 each

2-way SideKick Hinged Derail Booster

2-way Sidekick Derail Booster
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Derail boosters come in four sizes, each of which fits a small range of rail heights from 80 to 141 lbs/yd. The booster should only be used with an Aldon brand derail.

How to order SideKick Derail Booster

If you are adding a derail booster to an existing derail installation, give us the part number of the derail and the direction of throw (left, right, or 2-way). If you cannot identify the size and part number of your derail, please fill out the booster sizing form and we will supply a SideKick that will fit your rail height and throw direction.

If you are ordering a new derail and booster, by filling out the derail sizing chart we will have the information we need to correctly size the booster.

As with derails, SideKick should only be installed on fully exposed wooden ties.

Direction of derail throw.

derail throw direction

(direction of throw is from the viewpoint of the oncoming locomotive or rail car.)


Derails need to be sized to fit your rails.

There are many sizes of rail found in railroad tracks. Hinged and retractable derails need to be carefully fitted to the height of your rail.

We need to know either the height of your rail abobve the tie ...

derail sizing

... or

the rail size and section which is stamped at intervals along the web of the rail.

rail web identification

The markings are a code which precisely identifies your rail.

Out of our four standard derail sizes, we will supply the one closest to your rail size. Installation of the derail may require notching into two ties to lower the derail or shimming the derail to bring it level with your rail. (For shimming we can supply pre-drilled steel shims at nominal cost.)

We will send you a sizing form on receipt of your order, or click to download a pdf.